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Mat Classes (Block of 8 weeks)        $148.00

Group Consultation and Exercises Rehabilitation sessions are run by a

Physiotherapist and health fund rebates may be available.


Cancellation Policy

Price List


Physiosouthwest has a Cancellation and Failure to Attend Policy. This means you may be charged a fee of $40 if you cancel your appointment without allowing reasonable time for that appointment to be reallocated. This fee will also apply if you fail to attend your allocated appointment time. 

This is a cash practice and all payments are required on day of appointment. Thank you :)


Initial Consultation                            $80.00 (30mins)

Subsequent Consultation                 $75.00 (30mins)

Extended Consultation                     $150.00 (60mins)

Pensioner Initial Consultation          $70.00 (30mins)

Subsequent Consultation                $65.00 (30mins)           

Womens Health

Initial Consultation                            $160.00 (60mins)

Subsequent Consultation                  $90.00  (30mins)